Why you should buy a Gaming laptop instead of Normal laptop for hacking?

laptop for hacking

Nowdays, Peoples often buy normal laptops (office Laptops), instead of Gaming laptop and that is because of their parents old mentality.

Parents often think that the gaming laptop is only used for gaming and the child will use it for gaming too. Where gaming laptops are tend to run faster, more robust and reliable.

So today in this post I’ll show you some points on why you should buy a gaming laptop instead of Normal laptop if you already have a gaming laptop budget where you can get better performance.

So lets talk about some office laptops. They are thin, slim and have the performance where office works can easily be done. This type of laptops starts from 25k to 50k or more. In this type of laptops you don’t get a dedicated graphic card. which is not required in office level work. but if you’re spending like 50k and still not getting graphic card. then why should you buy that thing.

On the other hand you can see some gaming laptop which looks like some monster beast and looks awsome. where you can get a dedicated graphic card and better cooling system which cools your system way better than your normal office laptop.

Also Gaming laptops are made to run current AAA games and also run some future games. Also for video editing and some high graphic work, you better spend your money on gaming laptop instead of some office laptop.

where normal office laptops hardly can run any games. Ofcourse you can play some games but not with good graphics. which is the big issue and I hate such companies like dell, HP which offers shitty laptops at price of 50k.

Also some gaming laptops provide ssd, which is way more faster compared to hdd. At first I also thought like why should I spend money on ssd, but when I bought a pc with ssd then I thought how an ssd can improve the performance of your system. So nowdays ssd is must thing if you’re planning to buy a pc.

I’m not saying you should not buy office pc but I just wanna make a point like we can do office work in gaming laptop. but we can’t game on office laptop. Also office laptop will be get old in like 2 to 3 years and start degrading the performance. where gaming laptop will run easily for 5 to 6 years. If you don’t use it roughly.

Also we can do gaming, video editing and much more things on gaming machine. So if you can get a gaming laptop in the same price of office laptop then I would recommand you going for a gaming laptop.

There are many budget gaming laptop which you can easily get during sale under 50k or a little higher. I’m linking some of them below. If you’re interested you can check them out.

These laptops are of around 50k. If you have more budget then you can go for like 70 or 80k laptops. (india)

ASUS TUF: https://amzn.to/2Ki30bO

ACER NITRO: https://amzn.to/3nEbN6n

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