Old Android App CamScanner With 100M Downloads Starts Delivering Malware


An old ANdroid app stealthily targeted a a lot of android users. As discovered by the researchers, CamScanner, AN app that existed for a minimum of eight years and had over one hundred million downloads, barraged users with malware.

Old android App Became Malicious Researchers from Kaspersky laboratory discovered however AN recent existing android app suddenly turned malicious. As known in their web log post, CamScanner, a pdf creator app delivered malware to users.

The application caught the eye of the researchers once they detected some dangerous reviews. As explicit in their journal post, The developers position it as an answer for scanning and managing digitized documents, however negative user reviews that are left over the past month have indicated the presence of unwanted options. Scratching the surface disclosed that the app contained a malicious dropper part Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n, in all probability meant for advertising purpose.

It will be assumed that the explanation why this malware was additional was the app developers’ partnership with AN unscrupulous adman. Following the execution of the app, this part decrypted and dead the malicious code. The perform of the malware dropper was to transfer the payload from malicious servers and execute it on the target device.

Google Removed The App From Play Store The CamScanner app has existed on Google Play Store since 2010.The app had over one hundred million downloads and pretty sensible ratings. It additionally worked fine as a PDF creator application for android devices. However, lately, its started delivering malwares to the users.

Upon noticing this malicious activity with the app, researchers promptly reported the come to Google. Following the report, Google removed the app from the Play Store. In similar news, researchers additionally discovered however the open supply AN story malware bundled with a radio app created it to the Play Store.

This malware bypassed Google’s security checks a minimum of doubly to focus on android users. allow us to apprehend your thoughts within the comments.

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