how to install fsociety tools in kali linux


fsociety framework is most powerful framework that are used to automate the common tool that are mostly used by the hackers during an attack.its a penetration testing framework that contain tools which are requires for the hackers. this framework have all the tools that are used in very popular Mr. robot hacking series.

step to install Fsoiety tools in kali linux

step 1 : to install this tool in your kali linux pc, open terminal and paste the following command in your terminal to clone this tool

Step 2: just wait for some seconds till beings downloaded, then enter the commands given below to provide the executable permission to its installation file.

chmod +x

Step 3: now run the following commands in terminal to execute


Its time to see some features provided by this tools

information gathering

By the , the first phase in security is focused on assessment of collecting as information as much possible about the targets of applications. the most critical step of the applications security test is information Gathering. so by using this tool , you or we can collect more information about our targets.

Password attacks

this framework contains mainly two tools for password attack methods. first one is Cupp and second is BruteX which is for performing automatic brute force attacks

Wireless Testing

for wireless attacks or test purposes ,this framework contains three tools

  • the first one is reaver which implements a brute force attack against wifi protected wps registrar PINs.
  • pixiewps is a tool used to brute-force attack offline the wps pins
  • the third tool is bluetooth honeypot GUI framework which provide the monitor the attack using graphical u interface.


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