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How hacker hack password however and the way to prevent them

Facebook is, doubtless, the foremost common social networking web site with over one billion active users. Due to its quality, many hackers (or should I say crackers?) are actively involved in hacking Facebook accounts of unsuspecting users. This article outlines the numerous methods that such hackers use to achieve access to Facebook accounts of many users every day and the way you’ll stop them from hacking your account.
Facebook is one in every of the prime target of hackers!

Email Address Hack

I have always been puzzled by people’s leniency in this matter. Most people leave their email address visible on their facebook profiles. All the hacker then needs to do is know your name and he will be conveniently shown your email address at your profile. Also, most people share their email ids everywhere. How easily hackers can then hack your Facebook account (and everything else associated with that email id) if he ‘guesses’ your password (if you use a weak password) or answers your security question! Here are some tricks you’ll use to safeguard yourself from this vulnerability

How to safeguard your Email Address?

Just follow these steps:- Hide your Email Address from everybody by about to Edit Profile>Contact and Basic Info>Clicking on the gear icon beside your email address> checking ‘Only Me’ if you have not done so already.
Change your primary email address to a 1 that’s only noted to you by about to Settings>Email> and ever-changing your primary email to the new one (known solely to you) and removing your previous email address.
For additional security, when in Account Settings, enable Login alerts to receive notifications and emails when a new laptop or mobile device logs into your account.

Also, modify Login Approvals to receive a code on your portable to login whenever your Facebook account is accessed from AN unknown device. Login Approvals can would like you to possess added a mobile number to your Facebook account.
Moreover, modify 2 issue authentication to access your email addresses on your email provider’s web site in addition to form positive that no hacker will exploit them to hack into your Facebook account.
A hacker at work!


Phishing is one in every of the simplest ways in which to trick users into giving out their login credentials. All a hacker will is setup a webpage similar in style thereto of the Facebook homepage, attach a server sided script to trace the username and word entered and store it in a log. Sending folks emails stating that somebody labelled a photograph of them on Facebook within the same format as facebook and giving a link below to the phishing web site more reduces the possibilities of it being detected as a faux. Sometimes, spam Facebook apps, like those promising to tell who view your Facebook profile, automatically post links to phishing websites. A new trends among phishers is creating Facebook look-a-like widgets for stealing user’s login credentials

How to prevent yourself from being phished?
At all costs, avoid clicking on suspicious links. Moreover, continuously check the uniform resource locator within the address bar before language in. Avoid work in through varied “Facebook widgets” offered by websites and blogs. Instead, use Facebook’s homepage to sign in. Always try and use Safe Search on search engines whereas looking out. If you are doing manage to urge phished, reportthewebsite so that others may get a warning before visiting it.

Hack facebook password

Keylogging through Keyloggers
Keylogger may be a sort of form that tracks key strokes. Keyloggers may be put in remotely on a ADP system by a cracker to record all the activity that’s occurring the victim’s pc. Keylogging gets less difficult if the hacker has physical access to the victim’s pc .How to stop keyloggers?

Install a good antivirus and update it frequently. Do not click on suspicious links and avoid downloading banned software system. Also, avoid putting in free toolbars and alternative such spam software system. Always scan third-person’s flash and pen drives before victimization them on your pc.

Social Engineering

Social engineering involves victimization any trick to fool the user into creating himself at risk of exploits. This could involve something from causation spoof emails, pretending to be from Facebook, telling you to change your password to 12345678 to a hacker maliciously getting out the answer to your security question during a friendly chat or discussion.

How to prevent yourself from being socially engineered?

Stay aware during chats and discussions. Use a troublesome security question, preferably one whose answer you would never disclose to anyone. Moreover, Facebook, or the other company for that matter, will never ask you to change your password to 12345678 or do something as silly as asking you to send out your login details to prove that you simply square measure a vigorous user. Always suppose before taking actions and your e-life on Facebook are going to be safe from hackers trying to hack Facebook accounts.

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