A browser bug was enough to hack an Amazon Echo


Two security researchers are topped the highest hackers during this year’s Pwn2Own hacking contest once developing and testing many position exploits, together with associate attack against associate Amazon Echo.
Amat Cama and Richard Zhu, UN agency structure Team Fluoroacetate, scored $60,000 in bug bounties for his or her whole number overflow exploit against the newest Amazon Echo Show five, associate Alexa-powered good show.
The researchers found that the device uses associate older version of metallic element, Google’s ASCII text file browser comes, which had been forked some time during its development. The bug allowed them to require “full control” of the device if connected to a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot, same Brian Gorenc, director of Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, which put on the Pwn2Own contest.
The researchers tested their exploits during a radio-frequency shielding enclosure to forestall any outside interference.
“This patch gap was a typical think about several of the IoT devices compromised throughout the competition,” Gorenc told TechCrunch.

Amat Cama (left) and Richard Zhu (right), who make up Team Fluoroacetate. (Image: ZDI


An whole number overflow bug happens once a calculation tries to form variety however has no area for it in its memory, inflicting the quantity to overflow outside of its allotted memory. That can have security implications for the device.
When reached, Amazon same it had been “investigating this analysis and can be taking applicable steps to shield our devices supported our investigation,” but did not say what measures it would go for fix the vulnerabilities — or once.
The Echo wasn’t the sole internet-connected device at the show. Earlier this year the competition same hackers would have a chance to hack into a Facebook Portal, the social media giant’s video calling-enabled good show. The hackers, however, could not exploit the Portal.

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